If you have actually noticed termites in or around your house, firstly stop disturbing them! Yes, you might not realize but you could have been bothering the white ants. The least they are disturbed, the better treatment option you would have. Confused about the next step? Don’t be; we are here to help you with some proven termite control techniques used by experts at Flat line Pest Control in Central Coast.

When you touch or disturb a termite colony, it would result in vanishing of the destructive pest. No, this is no good news at all. Instead, you have probably worsened the situation by leading them to spread in different areas.

Any treatment to be successful should start with a close inspection in and around the site. It helps access the situation well, realizing the root source of inspection.

Chemical Soil treatment

The treatment involves installing a chemical treated zone and like every other pest management solution, this also demands supervision of an expert from a licensed company of pest control in Central Coast. A person with complete knowledge on termites and its elimination should be hired for the technique.

Prior to the treatment process, some of the detected conducive situations in the initial inspection report should be corrected. It covers timber in contact to soil and the sealed termite entry points.

In case the building construction or design restricts the effective installation of the treated zone, the remaining is monitoring and baiting.

Termite baiting and monitoring

The process involves monitoring station installation within the premises where the presence of termites is most suspected. You can opt for places of wooden furniture. The monitoring stations consist of eucalypti timber interceptors – Favorited food source of termites.

After installation, the monitoring stations are frequently checked and the design is developed in a way that one can see any trapped termites without causing disturbance to the station. On addition of the bait, there’s minimum chance of disruption.

If the situation reveals termite activity inside the building, bait is introduced in a secure tamper proof right above the ground station Termites feed on the bait taking it to be timber. Experts say if you see termites feeding on the bait, know that your timber is safe.

When the white ants feed on the introduced bait, it is taken to the nest as food for the whole colony. Eventually, termites start dying without realizing the poor state of the colony is due to the bait they have been feeding upon lately. It gives assurance of termite elimination. If this sounds you impressive, call Flat line pest control in Central Coast and get the pest eliminated.

None of us want to have our priced belongings destroyed by termites. There has to be a prevention method, right? Yes, there are many! Keep in touch with your professional pest inspector and take advice whenever you feel the signs of pest invasion in your home.


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