It could be great if you might use your smart phone to work as a hot-spot and make it simple to go to the internet at any place, right? Here we will try and make clear how to do that with your smart phone or in simple terms what is tethering and how to use it

It is usually much more comfortable to search the world-wide-web on a tablet or laptop. The good thing is that you may use your smartphone as the wireless hot spot and link your current tablet or laptop to the on-line world.

The process is known as tethering and almost all cell phones have this feature.

Exactly what is tethering?

After you share your 3G or 4G internet connection by turning your smartphone to a wi-fi hotspot it is known as tethering. When you enable this option, all of the units you would like will connect to the world-wide-web.

Basically, this is just what tethering is and nearly all smartphones work extremely well this way. All you need to understand is how you can enable it on your own phone.

Tips on how to see whether the smartphone has this option?

Please note that not all touch screen phones have this feature. However if you possess a more recent device you can be fairly positive it’s supported by the phone.

If you need to share your current web connection you don’t need to use wireless internet connection solely. USB or Bluetooth connection may be used just as well.

On the other hand, the type of internet connection is not very important such as the following thing you need to check out first of all. In the event check with the mobile phone operator whether your current mobile phone plan allows tethering. Sometimes, the mobile operator disables this feature if tethering is not contained in the package.

Can there be another way to get it done if tethering isn’t provided?

Maybe the least difficult option would be to change the mobile operator and have the one which allows tethering. Obviously, it can be a little bit more pricey than the current plan, but it is much cheaper than the other choices.

In the event you don’t possess a tablet computer and plan to purchase one, it may be best if you buy one which supports 3g/4g. If you get one similar to this you’ll need to get a separate SIM card and select a proper mobile internet plan.

You can also purchase a portable wi-fi hotspot. Those move able hot-spots are basically routers though with an option to stick in a SIM card straight into them.

So how exactly does tethering functions?

Here is how it works in simple terms. To start with you must enable this feature to your current mobile phone, and then set up the Wi-Fi safety and security by using a powerful passphrase for preventing people from joining to your current hot-spot, next link up the tablet on the wireless network you have recently built.

Once you decide to hook up your own device to the hot spot you will be asked to insert a password. That is a thing you must do only for the first time since the next time the units will join routinely. Exactly the same happens when you use a transportable wireless hot-spot.

Important matters to note

A possible problem when using the smartphone for tethering is that the tablet computer won’t understand that it is not connected to a high speed broadband connection, but a mobile one.

We are aware it would be great if we could possibly have our own wireless router at all times with us and utilize it whenever and everywhere we’d like. In addition, logging into your wireless router configurations while using the IP will permit you to change its configuration settings, network name, security password and so on. Having said that as this is extremely hard it’s good to learn the way to use tethering on your current smart phone and join the units to the on-line world.


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