What is Data Analytics?

Data analysis is known as analysis of data or data analytics which is a process of inspecting, transforming, and modeling, examining the data with discovering the useful information. Every organization either small or big needs to handle a large amount of data. The data analyst is highly in demand because the motive of every organization is to handle and security of data. The people who have good programming skills and good analytical or problem-solving skills can easily work as a data analyst. The main responsibility of data analyst is to examining the raw data to find the conclusion.

What Education is required?

Candidate from computer science and IT stream can easily make their career in data analytics. Good mathematical, analytical skills are must to make a bright future. A complete four-year degree with a proper training is required to get a job in this field. You must have a good knowledge about data management, specific software’s, operating system to work in this industry. A candidate can earn higher salary even at the initial stage and after getting some experience candidate can earn a higher salary. There is relatively high growth in this field. After completion of degree there are so many institutes and coaching center available that provides training in data analytical.

Techniques and tools used in data Analytics:

KNIME: Knime is an open source data analytic tools that allow analyzing, managing, manipulate and modeling the data in an intuitive way to via visual programming. KNIME is written in Java and based on Eclipse. It allows users to visually create data flows or allow users to execute some or all analytical steps.

Node XL: It is open source network analysis software for Microsoft Excel. These tools allow users to access the social media network data, advanced network metrics, and automation. NODEXL is a set of some pre-built class libraries using a custom windows presentation foundation. This is the best tool for the users who have less programming experience. This tool helps in the data import, graph visualization, data representation etc.

Google Search Operator: google search operator tool allow you to filter the google results. It gives unique and useful information to users. It does not only caches and indexes web but also provide pictures in form of PDF and spreadsheets. Its unique selling proposition lies with the openly accessible documents offered by web servers in the form of images and databases.

Google Fusion Tables: It is a web service that provided by the google for the management of data. Fusion table can be used for gathering, analysis, mapping, the large database. With the google fusion table, you can easily filter thousands of data rows. With this tool, you can also combine tables with other data on the web.

Dataiku: This is software that provides efficiency in team building, prototyping, exploring and delivering the data more efficiently. It provides an interactive user interface where they can build, click and use different languages like SQL. You can easily handle the workflow automation and also monitoring of data is quite easy with this tool.

These are some useful tools that provide an easy way to manage the data. As technology is getting updated every day this extensively makes the tools give proper and accurate calculation to make it done.  It is most important from the business point of view to counter all those hurdles and give a proper form of approach towards increasing business and making it count.

Future Scope and Salary Structure of data Analytics:

India has been making exponential development in the data analytics. This is considered as a fast growing field and current demand for the data analytic professional is very high. Nowadays, data analytics or big data is one of the top priorities of the organizations. Because of its useful features, it can help in the growth of the business.

Most candidates want to make their career in this field because of the huge scope. If we talk about the salary structure then we can say that it is a highly paid job as compared to others. Data analytical candidate can earn up to 30k at initial level. After taking some experience a person can easily earn higher package.

Different Types of Designations in the Data Analytic:

  • Marketing Data Analyst
  • Senior Data Analyst
  • Analytical Consultant
  • Big data engineer
  • Analytics Specialist

There are many big companies in India includes IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Platfora, ITrend and many more companies that provide countless data analyst jobs in many different locations.

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